2ndfashion (2ndfashion) wrote in fashionreport,

Theme: your fall 07 runway reviews

I thought it was about time we announced the first community theme. The theme is
"write your own fall 07 runway reviews"

We want our members to share their views on this year's fall collections. So gather some runway pictures from a fall collection, write your own little runway review about it and SHARE :) The community is rather new and we would love to see more members posting ;)

Examples of what your post could be like:
Miss sixty, fall 07 -written by bijou_de_couron
DKNY fall 07 -written by 2ndfashion
3 best from... -written by 2ndfashion
Best of spring 07, part III -written by sour_funk
Hermès, spring 07 -written by 2ndfashion
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