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Fashion Report
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Welcome to Fashion Report, a community for people who are crazy about fashion and everything that follows with it. Fashion Report is a community where you can make post about anything fashion related and discuss the newest trends with others.
Please join us :)

+ Keep everything fashion related.

+ Remember to use the LJ cut if you have a lot of text or large images. Any posts made that mess up the layout will be deleted.

+ All entries have to be friends only, if not they will be deleted.

+ This is not the place to make meaningless posts like "where can I buy this? kthxbai" or making a whole new post to show one picture of you wearing leggings. Try to put some effort in your post.

+ No advertising other communities. If you want to become and affiliate, please apply.


Would you be interested in being affiliated with Project Design? If so, please read this and reply with the necessary community information. Remember to submit a 158x50 button we can use to link your community. If you’re not interested in making the button yourself, please make a note about it in your reply, and we will make one for you.

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